Monday, June 15, 2015

Is Jurassic World's Chris Pratt a Christian?

Who didn't love Chris as Emmet in The Lego Commercial, I mean Movie. Or, how he made a movie about a talking tree and racoon accessible! Though I haven't watched the show, he probably demonstrated some considerable talent on Parks & Recreation!

Then, about a year ago I read how he was a Christian. His testimony is that when he and his wife were expecting their son, he was born 9 weeks premature and spent a month in an incubator. As a father, I know how helpless that probably made him feel. He and his wife turned to the Lord in prayer during that time and now celebrate a wonderful, healthy son who they enjoy raising.

Chris is impressive in his general, humble attitude and how he's been outspoken about the need for prayer for sick people and his willingness to go with friend Chris Evans to children's hospitals to provide needed cheer.

While I haven't spent time on his Facebook page, he apparently posts Bible verses there. That's awesome! My guess is he gets more response to that on his than I do on mine, but that's okay. I hope neither of us post things for personal recognition.

Here's the challenge, though. It's easy to talk about 'faith,' 'prayer,' and 'healing.' It's even rewarding to be 'positive' and 'encouraging.' Christians are supposed to be those things!

But, when we say we have our "eye on the prize" that shouldn't mean having beer on Saturday, going to church on Sunday and having fun. As great as all those might be.

The challenge to every one who has been bought with the expensive blood of Christ is to realize that we're in a battlefield that wants to make us neutral. We get all kinds of worldly goods, comfortable houses and efficient cars and we forget to rely on God.

Not saying this is happening with Chris, or anyone else. But it happens to all of us, moment by moment.

It's easy enough to love those who love us. Or our "neighbor." But, do we love our enemies? Do we love those who persecute us and do we do good to them? Do we turn the other cheek, or do we declare, "I'm not going to be a doormat!" Are we willing to stand for truth, though it will cost our lives, and pray lovingly for those who are executing us?

Truth is, none of us can do that. Not unless Jesus Christ is doing it through us.

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