Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I started this book ... oh, 3 or more years ago. I finished my first novel, The Next Chapter, then flirted with doing my book Bent, which ... well, I wasn't feeling it. 

When I penned The Next Chapter I had no kids at first, and I finished all the editing while only having babies. What does that have to do with anything? So what, who cares? 

Well, it makes a big difference. The Next Chapter is a pretty dark story involving child abduction and murder. It delves into political corruption and human trafficking.

Bent was going to be somewhat dark, too. And now I had 4 kids and they were growing and changing me. I needed something lighter. 

So, I turned to this idea I had for an adventure story. I kicked it off in Saudi Arabia with a woman and her fiance driving in from Jordan without permission, on a hunt for some broken tablets. While Brenna Kelley heads into a trap, her former love interest and professor is closing down his dig in Jordan, having run out of funding. Who should show up, but the swaggering Reverend Kelley, Brenna's father, along with a swanky suit from a rather disreputable antiquities dealer. They want him to rescue Brenna, of course.

And get the tablets for them. 

During the years of writing this, I deleted pages, worked on sub-plots and re-wrote whole sections. Along the way, it went from being a globe-trotting adventure to pretty much staying in Saudi Arabia. 

I also learned a lot of things in my devotions and research. 

I've finished the rough draft and am now moving to the editing phase. I am anxious to share this book with the world. I hope everyone finds it as thrilling as the ride these characters embarked on so many years ago.

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