Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Call Me a Carpenter

Thought I'd let you all in on my latest project. It's one I've been planning for months and building for weeks now.

See, there was this problem. I have a nice office (used to be a nursery) and only a small white desk. It's only 17" deep and not very wide. It's a fine writing desk if you only have a laptop or a notepad on it. But, if you need to have research laid out or maybe a work computer in addition to a laptop, it's not big enough.

So, I shopped around. All I found were what I consider pieces of junk. Their made of particle board and cheap veneer. At least, that's what was in my price range. Even some of the expensive desks were made of particle board. Yuck! Not going to pony up $400 for a cheap desk that I'll hate in a year as it starts falling apart.

So, I decided to build a desk.

I know, it's a skill to build cabinets and, you know, furniture. But, I always say, how hard can it be?

I heard about this place called the American Workshop where they have all the tools to do cabinet building, and their punch card prices were very reasonable. I got their $6/hr card, which is pre-paid at $120.

I settled on using hickory plywood and ordered up the amount I'd need of 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch. Then I got cutting.

I made the cabinets first.

I had a corner cabinet for support ... in the corner. 
I made side cabinets for the ends of the 'L.'

Here I am putting some poly on the corner cabinet.

I realize this is all out of order, but here's me being an old guy doing a selfie with the cobbled together desk in the background. This gives you an idea of how it will look.
I'm pretty excited. It's coming along pretty well for my first real foray into carpentry (outside of a sandbox and garden boxes, which are really the same thing).

I plan to do some serious writing ... okay, maybe not too serious ... at this desk.

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