Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The King Himself spoke its motto-text: "Take My yoke, and ye shall find rest unto your souls" (Matt. xi: 29). Soft strains float on the air; the peace of God stands sentry against intruding care. Of course the soul learnt something of rest at the very outset. But those words of the Master indicate that there are at least two kinds of rest. And so the rest of forgiveness passes into the rest of surrender and satisfaction. We lay our worries and cares where once we only laid our sins. We lose the tumultuous fever and haste of earlier days. We become oblivious to praise on the one hand and censure on the other. Our soul is poised on God, satisfied with God, seeks nothing outside God, regards all things from the standpoint of eternity and of God. The life loses the babble of its earlier course, and sweeps onward to the ocean from which it derived its being, with a stillness which bespeaks its depth, a serenity which foretells its destiny. The very face tells the tale of the sweet, still life within, which is attuned to the everlasting chime of the land where storms come not, nor conflict, nor alarm.

Meyer, F. B. (2014-07-01). THE WORKS OF F. B. MEYER, Vol 1 (25 Works): 25 Classic Devotionals, Biographies and Teachings on the Higher Life (Kindle Locations 5549-5557).  . Kindle Edition.

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