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Chambers of the King

The Chambers Of The King

CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE MAY be compared to a suite of royal apartments, of which the first opens into the second, and that again into the third, and so on. It is of course true that believers enter on a possession of all as soon as they are born into the royal, divine household. But, as a matter of fact, certain truths stand out more clearly to them at different stages of their history, and thus their successive experiences may be compared to the chambers of a palace, through which they pass into the throne-room and presence-chamber of their King. And the King Himself is waiting at the threshold to act as a guide. The key is in His hand, which opens, and no man shuts; which shuts, and no man opens. Have you entered the first of those chambers? If not, He waits to unlock the first door of all to you at this moment, and to lead you forward from stage to stage, till you have realized all that can be enjoyed by saintly hearts on this side the gates of pearl. Only be sure to follow where Jesus leads the way. "Draw me, we will run after Thee." (Sol. Song i: 4.)

THE FIRST CHAMBER IN THE KING'S HOLY PALACE IS THE CHAMBER OF NEW BIRTH In some cases it is preceded by a portico known as Conviction for Sin. But as the portico is not part of the house, and all do not pass through it, we need not stay further to describe it. Over the door of this chamber are inscribed the words: "Except a man be born again, he can not enter." (John iii: 3, 5.) By nature we are destitute of life-dead in trespasses and sins. We need, therefore, first, not a new creed, but a new life. The prophet's staff is well enough where there is life; but it is useless on the face of a dead babe. The first requisite is Life. This is what the Holy Spirit gives us at the moment of conversion. He comes to us through some truth of the incorruptible Word of God, and implants the first spark of the new life; and we who were dead, live. Thus we enter the first room in our Father's palace, where the new-born babes are welcomed and nursed and fed. We may remember the day and place of our new birth, or we may be as ignorant of them as of the circumstances of our natural birth. But what does it matter that a man can not recall his birthday, so long as he knows that he is alive? As an outstretched hand has two sides-the upper, called the back; the under, called the palm -so there two sides and names for the act of entrance into the Chamber of New Birth. Angels, looking at it from the heaven side, call it being born again. Men, looking at it from the earth side, call it trusting Jesus. "Those that believe in His name are born"; "Those that receive Him have the right to become the sons of God" (John i: 12-13). If you are born again, you will trust. And if you are trusting Jesus, however many your doubts and fears, you are certainly born again, and have entered the palace. If you go no further, you will be saved, but you will miss untold blessedness. From the chamber of birth, where the newborn ones rejoice together, realizing for the first time the throbbing of the life of God, there is a door leading into a second chamber, which may be called

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