Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Celebrity Gospel

Did you hear the testimony of John Jones, the guy down the street? Wow! Just, wow! How about the 65 year old woman who sets out the juice cups for the kids on Wednesday night Bible clubs? Amazing! Look at Bill Smith, the guy who works at the dump or sorts the recycling on weekends. He put his faith in Jesus as Lord. He never became a rock star, never attained Klout on Twitter, never hit record-level followers on Facebook and never was quoted in the newspapers. What he did do was turn away from the selfish pleasures of the flesh, often looking like a fool to his co-workers, cast his cares for his family, job and goals on God, his Father and lived a life of devotion to a reality that no one else could see. He never traveled outside of his state, let alone the world. He never had a hit song or a critically acclaimed work of art. He never met with the Pope or any other world leader. Yet he shared his faith with his 45 year old neighbor at a barbeque and led that man to the Lord the following summer. And no one knew about it.

Except God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Oh, and myriads of angels who put on a concert unmatched by the filthy, discordant attempts at music done down here on earth.

Of course, we don't hear Christians talk about the testimony of quiet Christians who live peacefully and devote their lives to holiness out of humble gratitude for the Grace of God that has visited them. We don't tell each other about the way someone denies the flesh and never seeks recognition or acclaim.

No, Christians today and throughout time celebrate the celebrity who steps forward with nothing to lose and states that Jesus is Lord. Or that prayer is powerful. Or some other statement of truth. Truth is easy to state.

It's much harder to actually live.

See, belief is all it is when someone says something. Like, "Donuts and cake are bad for my health." That's a true statement of belief. Changing my life to only eat healthy foods, however, is putting that belief into action.

How many celebrities, having all the things of this world have come and gone with Jesus is Lord falling from their lips. And how many of them have actually sold all that they have, given to the poor and followed Christ?

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