Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ken Ham & Noah

I like Answers In Genesis. I own a number of their books. I applaud their sturdy stand for Biblical truth. I like many of the ways they frame issues.

But lately, there are things that concern me. It's not that I doubt Ken Ham's sincerity as a believer, or his earnestness for the Gospel. I believe he prays for others and deeply yearns to get the truth out in the best way possible.

What I see, though, is something that happens a lot ... to everybody. When you get attention for a message you're delivering, you stop letting it be about the message and suddenly find yourself inserted instead.

One might call it the Talk Show Host Syndrome. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly ... who cares what their message is, they are the topic! In the same way, big name preachers who started out at one point with a fervent desire to spread God's word find themselves on a much larger stage with high levels of Twitter followers, Facebook fans and news media coverage.

Ever so slightly, the message takes a back seat to the personality. It's no longer a debate over science vs. religion, but it is a landmark debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye! It's not about the message of Noah in the Bible vs. what Hollywood is presenting, but a high-stakes Us vs. Them!

I'm dismayed when I see blogs by Ken pointing out Comedy Central skits that poke fun at him or articles that got something wrong about the Creation Museum, etc. Or how Hollywood is out there "deceiving" Christians ... evidently into buying their product over Ken Ham's.

If I were able to talk to Ken, I'd like to point out there is a growing blind spot for him and Ray Comfort. They've let themselves become the topic, rather than point people to Jesus Christ. Who cares if Comedy Central is mocking you. They mocked President Bush and countless others, too.

I'd point out that when every post seems to carry disparaging comments about non-Christians, your admonition of prayer for them looks more like self-righteous spite.

I'd mention that if every article ends with a sales pitch about your products, or blatant fund raising for your Biblical attractions, it smacks of sanctified profiteering.

The point isn't to tear Ken Ham and Answers In Genesis down. As a Christian, I hope, if anyone at AiG sees this, they'll feel encouraged in the proper direction to re-evaluate the tone of their blogs and communications.

I said this in another blog about the Noah movie. If the world is interested in Noah to give his story a real-world treatment in an epic movie, that's great! They may be seeing it as a story full of pathos and human struggle, environmentalism vs. human greed and wickedness, but ... they're taking the time to read the story and to tell it. Like any other story that Hollywood does, they'll mangle it. They can't leave anything alone. We know this.

What every Christian should be doing right now is praying for Darren Aronofsky, Russel Crowe, Emma Thompson and the rest of those who worked on the movie. We should pray that God will use this for good. After all, God prophesied through the high priest who was plotting to murder Jesus. God used evil men to carry out his plans.

From what I've seen of the Noah movie, I'm glad they got 2 things right: The flood was world-wide and it was sent by God as judgment for mankind's wickedness. Kudos! Now let's tell people about what the ark symbolizes (Christ) and let's encourage people to talk about this and how Noah's day is like today.

But let's do it without selling stuff, okay?

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