Friday, March 28, 2014

I Can Tell What It Is

My kids love to draw. They love playing with play dough, too. They make robots, houses, dogs, monsters, aliens, cars, houses, forts, castles, spiders, horses ... all sorts of things.

And they're getting better as they learn and refine their skill. But at first, I remember their works being more scribbles than anything. They looked like a drawing of Pig Pen from Peanuts, minus the head and feet.

When they'd proudly display these things, I'd often comment on the colors they chose, or the use of crayon technique. Soon, I was able to make some guesses as to what they were drawing. I'd often get it wrong.

Then, I started seeing exactly what it was they were seeing in their mind and putting down on paper. It was exciting to see how they were growing in their understanding of artistic representation.

I never once told them that their images were a blasphemy against the subject which God had created.

Yet, I find that some take that approach with Darren Aronofsky's Noah movie. I will see it, probably this weekend and comment further on what he got right, what I liked, disliked and what might be, as PluggedIn put it, off the flanelgraph.

I won't say that it is an affront to God, or a work of blasphemy. Because, by his own admission, the filmmaker is an atheist. He doesn't see God or the scripture with the eyes of faith that only God's grace can give. He sees things imperfectly, like a child who attempts to draw a lion or a dog.

Frankly, even those of faith seem to struggle with conveying what they've read in the Bible into an art form. Preachers get all sorts of things going off-base. Humans, in general, can't seem to do much with getting pretty far off askew at times.

And we're all so good at lambasting each other, tearing one another down. It comes easy to me, too. So, I'm thinking we need to stop the things that come easiest and do the things that might be a bit harder to do.

Perhaps we should look at an atheists Biblical movie like we would a child's work of art. We might show more love by saying, "I can tell what it is."

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