Wednesday, March 26, 2014

God or Mammon

"Many would have tried to retain the proud position and to benefit their enslaved brethren at the same time; to temporize between an outward recognition of Osiris, and a heart-loyalty to Jehovah; to keep on good terms with the court and brick-kiln. But there was no trace of this in the great renunciation which cut Moses off from the least association with the fond and fascinating associations of early life." --F.B. Meyer "Moses--Servant of God"

I find it interesting that F.B. Meyer, who passed on to Heaven in 1929, saw the same tendency that runs rampant among Christians today. Nothing is different. So many think they can be friends with the world and devoted to Christ inside.

We must renounce the pleasures that would have a grip on our lives, denying the flesh and embracing the apparent lowly status of one of the chosen people of God.

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