Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

New Year's Eve is over. I woke up after eating all sorts of unhealthy food and depriving myself of sleep. I'm not sure why people do this. That said, there are many times throughout the year that my wife and I end up ringing in the next day, eating too many snacks and ... it's about the same result. We wake up bleary eyed and life goes on.

But there's something neat about a NEW YEAR. I like the idea of starting fresh. There seems to be an amount of baggage we carry with us throughout the year that just needs to go. Kind of like spring cleaning, but more of a mental sort.

I think about the ways I've felt irritated about ...stuff. Or the feelings that creep in where I don't feel I'm "getting my due." All those little disappointments that drip into our hours, days and weeks. They leave me in need of a fresh start. I want to make a new day, start on a clean slate.

So, we party like it's 2014 and ring in the New Year, putting to bed the trials that were, celebrating the good things that happened and look forward to doing things better in the year to come.

To that end, I'm making some changes. Sure, I'll keep exercising and watch what I eat a bit more. But I'm thinking more about those irritations that seep in. I plan to work on giving more grace to those around me. Counting to ten before replying more often (as needed). Thinking the best of any situation. And when that's not possible, asking myself how I can make it better.

I don't plan on getting into arguments about disagreements. I've yet to see anyone, myself included, win an argument. I don't plan on worrying about the political climate. Or the religious one. I trust in One who is in control and He doesn't need my personal think tank.

That will be my start for this New Year.

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