Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Quick Little Word on Hate

A quick little word about "hate." Seems that our culture goes from one "viral" story about "hate" to the next, vilifying anyone who says the slightest thing that runs against the current of popular "morality." Part of this is the quick access we have to anything someone says. People tweet out something or an interview segment gets tweeted and FB'd and soon everyone has an opinion about how so-and-so is a "hate-filled bigot."

Until the next "hate-filled bigot" shows up, that will dominate the news. Ironically, it's almost like we're looking for someone to hate. We relish the drunken ramblings of some formerly wonderful movie star. We devour stories about some phrase someone gives to a magazine interviewer. We rail over a comment off-camera from some celebrity of whatever.

Maybe it's time to stop passing harsh judgment on others and remember that when we raise our friendly finger to someone in traffic... that's hate. When we say all sorts of "choice" words in our head at the ____ who's blocking the line at the store ... it's hate. When we think the worst of someone when we might not have all the facts ... it's hate. When someone derides anyone on account of their beliefs and treats them as lower than themselves, it's hate.

I'm fairly confident in saying that we're all guilty of being hate-filled bigots to one degree or another. No one can claim that they didn't treat someone poorly because they didn't like how they dressed, acted or what beliefs they hold.

Imagine a world where we accepted that others can hold a view different than us, and still treated them with grace and love. Imagine if we didn't insist that everyone needed to be convinced of our way of thinking before we treat them nicely. Imagine if we all showed humility and understanding to others, knowing that we all fall in many ways. Might be a little more peaceful and positive in our culture. Might be a place where we didn't see so many people in need of emotional healing.

Okay, I guess that wasn't a quick thought. But I hope this resonates with all my friends. Merry Christmas!!

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