Friday, June 7, 2013

Paperback Writer

My dream began with yearning to see my name grace the cover of a book. My book lining the shelves of a brick and mortar book store. Me, sitting behind a table stacked with books and flanked by a large poster. Me, greeting lines of eager fans waiting to say "hi" and get my Bryn Jones on their warm copy of thrilling prose.

As with most dreams, they don't come true from simply wishing on a star. No, all those days of dreaming wouldn't make that book materialize or draw fans to my web site that didn't exist.

So, I buckled down and wrote a novel. I edited the crap out of it. I re-wrote it. I passed it around to friends and family. And some of them read it!

When it was ready (in my mind a #1 Bestseller just waiting to happen) I started shopping it to agents. For a solid year I got good leads that dried up. "Love it!" "It's just not right." "You're not quite ready for Prime Time." "I couldn't put it down." "I didn't find this Romantic Comedy that funny, or Romantic?" "No Thanks." "Go into politics." Just kidding on that last one.

I did get an agent. So, I was a shoe-in! NY Times, get ready! Well, then he couldn't find a buyer. My dream was turning into one of those that has a hallway made of checkered tile where you run, run, run and never reach the end.

Then, I considered this thing called e-publishing. I noticed a lot of regular publishers were offering contracts for e-publishing books. That just seemed sick and wrong. Since Amazon, the biggest name in ...well, everything now, would allow you to keep 70% of your sale price, I would have to then share that with a publisher who did  nothing more than convert the file to an e-pub format. No thanks.

So, I did it myself. And now, thanks to Amazon, I have it in paperback, too. I can't compete on paperback price. I have to charge a little more than the $7.99 to $9.99 that big publishers can charge for paperback. But I do have both e-book and paperback. And my readers have direct access to me. And, the book is quite a fast, wild ride. I hope you check it out in either format.

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