Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Betrayer

At the Last Supper, Jesus said that one would betray him. Incredulous, the disciples all asked, "Who? Who is it." I wonder if they thought, could it be me? Will I betray Jesus? After all, when Jesus was arrested, everyone scattered, and Peter followed at a distance and then denied Him 3 times, saying "I don't KNOW the man!"

So, knowing that they all had that potential in them, they were worried. But then Jesus said it would be the one to whom he dipped the morsel and gave bread first. This was usually the choice piece of food, given to the person of highest honor. And it was given to Judas, the betrayer.

Could Judas have changed his mind? Could he have chosen NOT to betray the Lord? Regardless, he didn't. In fact, he was ordained for that purpose. He was the son of perdition. The one who it would have been better for him had he not been born.

But think about Judas. He spent 3 years hanging with Jesus. Listening to His teaching, seeing miracles first-hand. Yet all he could think of was money and selfish needs. Perhaps he, like those crying Hosanna on Palm Sunday expected Jesus to overthrow the Romans and free Israel. When that wasn't happening, he might have felt betrayed, embittered. And no amount of kindness or show of love from Jesus would win back his loyalty. Jesus, to him, was a fraud and one that needed to be discredited publicly. With such a dark heart of selfishness and rebellion, Judas was open for Satan to enter. He went and sold the Creator for 30 pieces of silver.

And like it always is, when Christ was delivered up for torture by the Religious leaders and the Roman soldiers, then sent to be crucified, Satan left Judas. Left him with the hollow despair that a world without a Savior offers. Left him to realize that his best life was now and it wasn't that great. He'd just shown all his friends from the past 3 years what an absolute louse he really was. Who would take him in? Who would he hang out with?

In that obsidian darkness, he did the only thing that's left for a child of this world - he hung himself, falling and spilling his guts in the valley below. Such is the end of a rebel's earthly life after rejecting and murdering Christ. Unfortunately, that's not the final end. He will endure his atonement for his sin eternally in Hell, suffering eternally, never reaching the peace that could only be offered by Christ and His 6 hours on the cross.

Don't be Judas. Don't take the choice morsel and then reject Christ as a fraud. The irony for Judas is that his role served to provide the only victory for hope that he could have had.

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