Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Changing the Rules on God

It appears that many are following the notion that marriage is simply a human invention that can be re-invented according to subjective values based on nothing more than what we feel is right.

God's enemy is clever. Satan isn't an obvious villain who twirls his mustache and cackles wickedly. No, he re-defines things. He says, "Did God really say..." and then, "you won't die ..." in fact, "God wants to keep you down, make you a slave, prevent you from being His equal."

Satan re-defines an argument so it seems that God is the bad guy and the only sensible thing to do, the only RIGHT thing to do, is disobey God's directive.

In the case of marriage, God ordained it. He invented it. He said it is one man, one woman.

Then you read some Satan-inspired take on the Bible that says, "Did God really say..." and then points to instances of polygamy, rape, incest, etc. They suggest that God authorized such things. Don't be fooled. The Bible never endorses anything other than one man, one woman. Whenever people in the Bible varied from this model, trouble followed (just like it does today).

The next thing people point to is the Law, which called for stoning of homosexuals. Guess what? The Law also called for stoning of people working on the Sabbath. The first instance was someone gathering wood on the Sabbath. Taken out and stoned to death. Pretty harsh? Yes. But it wasn't about the act of collecting timber. It's about a human's decision to do the opposite of what God said to do (or not to do).

One might say, well who is He to say what I can or can't do? Um, He's God. He made you. He can say what you should do.

Another might counter that they believe in a "Loving" God who doesn't "Judge."

That's like saying you would want a "loving" judge who won't "condemn" a mass murderer who just tortured and killed your family, but will rather let them off with a smile and nod.

See, the flip side of love is hate.

What? Are you INSANE, Bryn? No. And listen up: If you LOVE your wife, you will HATE anything that would take her from you. If you LOVE your children, you will HATE anything that would destroy them. If you LOVE peace, you will HATE war. And so on. You can't have one without the other. And neither does God.

God LOVES righteousness. He HATES lawlessness.

And this affront to God's order for marriage is nothing short of lawlessness.

Does that mean that I support stoning homosexuals. No. I believe in kindness and love toward all people.

But, you just said that the Bible calls for stoning of all who don't do what God says. Yes. It did. In the Old Testament Law. That Law had a purpose: To show how pervasive sin is in our lives. If you read the Law, one can't blink without breaking a law.

How wonderful, then, is the New Covenant, the one of Grace, forged by Jesus Christ on the cross. He was fully God, but fully Man, lived in complete obedience to God's Law, loving God with all His heart, soul, mind and strength, loving the sinful wretches of the world, choosing to love the unlovable, then died for them, taking God's wrath in full for those who would repent.

Christ was the sacrifice that all the animals in all the rituals could never be. He took God's wrath for us so we could be forgiven for our rebelliousness and lawlessness.

But here's the thing: If we accept His sacrifice, we can only do so for real if we repent of our lawless nature and turn to Him for rescue and reformation. We can no longer go on willfully sinning and endorsing sinful behavior.

That's different than those who go around hating on sinners. We're all sinners. So, we have no place to be hatin' on each other. Jesus calls us to love one another. And He sets and example of loving the worst sinners. For God so Loved the World - he did this to a world that was vile and odious, wretched and stinking. We're called to love the unlovable. And yet, to preach God's grace through the cross, calling sinners to repentance.

It's hard to call people to repentance if we condone the sin as being an issue of "equality."

Truth is, homosexuals are equal to everyone else. We're all equal in God's eyes. Equal to receive the wrath for our lawlessness. Or equal to receive His grace when we repent and accept Jesus' sacrifice. But we're not equal with God and we don't get to change the rules He's given us.


  1. I love how you drew a parallel of the garden with the "did God really say ____?!" and our culture today. I find we analyse everything to death when sometimes, it's not meant to be analysed, just accepted.

    1. Words are pretty sneaky, actually. Take "traditional marriage." Sounds good, right? But then we've given in to the assumption that marriage as God designed is nothing more than a tradition. Traditions change. The more you look around, you'll start seeing the "Did God really say..." happening so much. Thanks for reading.


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