Saturday, March 3, 2012

FLASH FICTION! - a writing game

Soon I will post a beginning of a story. Just around 200 words, invoking a scene. Then, you, my visitors, regular attenders and faithful readers will have the chance to continue the story in the comments below. If you get here, see a few comments, you should read the comments to see where the story left off. Then continue from that point.

I will post a new Flash Scene every so often and let you know about it on Twitter, FB and Google+ Or, you might want to click the follow button on this blog or select for e-mail updates. However you choose to do this, it will be a lot of fun. I hope there are those out there who will surprise me. A lot.

**One note: let's keep it clean. The true mark of a good story is the ability to invoke imagery, suspense, even horror, without being crude or vulgar.**

See you soon!


  1. Cool idea. I did this with some friends a few years back, and we had a blast.

    1. Yeah, I haven't done this in years. I think this could be a lot of fun.

  2. Sweet, I'll participate; be sure to send me another link to alert me when the flash fiction writing begins!

  3. Very, very nice! I stay tuned...


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