Tuesday, March 6, 2012


“We'll be making the first incision just above the kneecap.” The man wearing a crisp white lab coat leaned over his patent, his bulbous eyes monstrously magnified behind thick, square lenses. Plump lips stretched into a grin. Bedside manner, after all, remained the best anesthetic. A calm patient bled back serenity to her surgeon. This was particularly important here, since he couldn't avail himself of an anesthesiologist. Insurance would never pay for it. After all, he wasn't working from a licensed hospital. In fact, he wasn't really a doctor.
Using a latex-covered index finger, he smoothed the undulating duct tape over the woman's mouth. Through the thin, protective glove he felt her rapid exhalations from her flared nostrils. He heard a thin whistling sound, too. He wondered if she might be coming down with a cold. In that case, he was thankful he wore latex gloves and a face-mask. The last thing he needed was to get the sniffles.
“This will be over before you realize anything has happened, I promise.” He fixed his stare on her craning neck, then his eyes traveled down her collarbone to her naked shoulder. Her muscles rippled beneath her milky skin.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

FLASH FICTION! - a writing game

Soon I will post a beginning of a story. Just around 200 words, invoking a scene. Then, you, my visitors, regular attenders and faithful readers will have the chance to continue the story in the comments below. If you get here, see a few comments, you should read the comments to see where the story left off. Then continue from that point.

I will post a new Flash Scene every so often and let you know about it on Twitter, FB and Google+ Or, you might want to click the follow button on this blog or select for e-mail updates. However you choose to do this, it will be a lot of fun. I hope there are those out there who will surprise me. A lot.

**One note: let's keep it clean. The true mark of a good story is the ability to invoke imagery, suspense, even horror, without being crude or vulgar.**

See you soon!