Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Looking Fear In The Face

It should be no surprise that we live in a world easily swayed by the wickedness of "doing what seems right in our own eyes." After all, we're all guilty of justifying something that runs against God's express statutes at some point in our lives.

In light of last Friday's affront to marriage, which is perhaps the largest frontal assault on God's order in recent memory, many Christians might be feeling fearful.

What kind of world will our kids be stepping into? What is our future in society if we hold to what we know is true? How will the activism affect our places of worship?

Of course, this is, for the most part a Western dilemma. In China, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, etc. Christians have known State oppression in all its ugliness. They've enjoyed the fellowship of Christ's sufferings, to quote the Apostle Paul.

Here's some encouragement from F. B. Meyer, taken from the 26th chapter of Leviticus:

None shall make you afraid.—Leviticus 26:6 

BUT we are afraid, often very greatly so. How can we be secured from the dread of men and things which so easily besets us?

We must be absolutely right with God.—To walk in God’s statutes, and keep His commandments, was the first condition of Israel’s immunity from fear. When we know that there is no cause of controversy between us and God, we feel able to count confidently on His protection and deliverance.. “Perfect love casteth out fear.”

We must count on God’s faithfulness.—He has put us where we are, and we dare not think He will withdraw from us, as Joab did from Uriah. We are His partners, summoned to cooperate with Him: will He allow us to incur responsibilities in His name, and then leave the burden on our unassisted resources? Fear will yield before a clear sense of God’s might; but it is still more likely to yield before a deep sense of God’s perfect faithfulness.

We must rely on the environment of angel keepers.—When David, during his flight before Absalom, slept in the open, he believed that the Angel of the Lord encamped around him. More are they which are for us than those that be against us. The mountain is full of horses and chariots of fire. Lord, open our eyes that we may see!

We must believe that our enemies are less formidable than they seem.—They surround us with their bluster and threatenings, they come against us in embattled array; but if we dare to go forward and do the right thing in the sight of God, they will vanish like a puff of smoke. “For, lo, the kings assembled themselves. . . . They were arrayed, they were dismayed, they hasted away.”

Meyer, F. B. (2011-07-17). Our Daily Homily  (Sermon) Volume 1 (Genesis-Ruth) (Kindle Locations 1567-1579). Heritage Bible Fellowship. Kindle Edition.